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I recently had to relocate from the San Francisco Bay Area to Charlotte, and although it was a hard move because I’d be leaving such an incredibly diverse region of the country, one of the most difficult things to leave behind was my favorite Bay Area radio station. Not only did they play incredible tunes that were quite frequently cutting edge and avant-garde, but just listing to the dj’s provided a cool SF vibe that’s hard to come by. Fortunately the radio station is owned by Cumulus which owns a total portfolio of 350 stations nationwide (ranging from Abilene to Youngstown) and they stream their broadcasts live via the internet. What that means is that I can be sitting in my living room in Charlotte while I listen to the pulse of the Bay Area and feel like I’m still right there in the thick of things. In fact, I recently went back to SF for 10 days of fun, and it was by listening to my station via Cumulus before leaving that I was able to tap into which concerts and live music venues I was going to put on my itinerary while planning visits with friends from the area. While my Bay Area station is a classic rock format, Cumulus covers them all – from country to sports talk and everything in between. So, if you’re ever feeling house-bound and want to take a trip to another city without leaving the comfort of your own home, why not take a trip via Cumulus and get put right in the center of a city’s music and news scene.
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Whether you’re blasting top 40 hits in your dorm room or listening to a smooth jazz station in your headphones at work, the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular medium for listening to tunes.  Over the last few years, there has been a shift towards user-selected internet radio.  The concept of these sites is to give you a reprieve from having to listen to songs on a generic station, half of which you probably don’t even enjoy.  More specialized and specific stations cater to personal tastes and are a great way to introduce new artists with music similar to your favorite songs.

Slacker Personal Radio: A free account on this site allows you to either create your own Read more!

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Just as we’ve all come to love Internet radio and struggle to imagine music before this came to be, a recent legislative decision could jeopardize the entire system.   Traditionally, as payment for streaming music, Internet radio webcasters were required to pay an annual fee along with a certain percentage of profits.  However, performers who are suffering from lost revenues have been pushing hard for a pay per performance fee.  Before the change in legislation, money was paid to songwriters and performers received royalties, but rough times in the recording business are causing a push for this new system.  What recording artists seem to forget is that it’s illegal downloads that are causing their wallets to shrink, not legal, license-holding radio stations.  In fact, we’ve all seen better days.  The new fee system requires a flat fee per song that is played.  However, since this change in 2007, the rate has gone up every year. Read more!

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One of the biggest appeals of Internet radio is that you get a chance to hear different genres and songs that would never be played on a mainstream FM station.  Most music played on traditional radio stations is work done by a well-known recording artist, and getting your music heard on one of these stations can be nearly impossible.  Conversely, online stations are much more receptive to new artists and this is a great starting point if you’re trying to give your music career the push it needs.

Each site has a different policy for accepting new music, but it is almost always easier that what you can expect from a terrestrial radio station.  On AM and FM radio, it is illegal for broadcasters to accept money from an artist or recording company to have their music played on the station.  However, this regulation has not yet been extended to Internet radio. Read more!

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Internet Radio has drastically increased the amount of time we can spend listening to music throughout the day.  Now that everyone seems to be sporting Internet-capable smart phones, the ease and convenience of enjoying a song or two is only going to go up.

Many of the popular Internet Radio sites such as Pandora and Slacker offer applications for using these services with your mobile device.  Most of us usually opt for sticking with the free app, and these will usually suffice.  In addition to allowing you to listen to music when you’re away from the radio such as in your bathroom getting ready or while watering the plants outside, these apps can even be a substitute for traditional FM radio use.  When you’re driving around town you could find yourself bored with talk radio, sick of the same songs played over and over, or too impatient to sit through a four-minute commercial break.  With one of these apps on your phone, you don’t even need your car radio.  There’s never an excuse anymore to listen to songs you don’t like.  There is always an alternative. Read more!

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Besides being an easy and convenient way to listen to music, Internet radio is a great tool for discovering new artists and bands that suit your taste.  There’s no crime in listening to the same stations week after week, but if you consider yourself a music connoisseur, there are a number of ways to help you branch out and maximize the potential of this amazing resource.

When you’re using a user-customized station such as Pandora, there is a “share” feature.  There are many options under this drop down menu, but one of the most useful tools allows you to find a shared station.  This allows you to input various musical characteristics or attributes and then find a station created by another user that has similar songs and artists. Read more!